Hello there, my name is Anjorin Oluwatosin, the M.D of GPEC GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED, an immigration and Educational Consulting Firm.
I’m here to discuss about study abroad opportunities with you. Do you know that you don’t have to be in possession of millions of naira before you start planning towards your dream of studying abroad?
You can start with a little without selling your property or borrowing money from your relatives even though it worth more than it because of the obvious benefits in studying abroad and which are:
• Opportunity to work and study
• Access to study loans/scholarship
• International experience
• Opportunity to stay upon the completion of your program
• Permanent Residence

Our schools in Canada, USA, Australia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France etc permit our students to make payment for your tuition fee here in instalment basis and enable you to work while studying over there to enable you to balance for your tuition fee payment.
As a matter of fact, the institutions usually help providing jobs opportunity for students to work, at least, 5 hours per day or a minimum of 20 hours per week.
In a nutshell, you can study and work comfortably in Canada,USA,Hungary, Poland, Germany, France etc without any stress.

In GPEC GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD, we help our students to process for admission and at the same time putting together our expertise and professional experience to getting all the necessary documents to enhance their chances of getting their visas.
Register for your undergraduate program, post graduate program, Master or PhD program for the next academics session.

Contact us today in our office to discuss your chances and register for eligibility.

Best wishes,
Anjorin Oluwatosin